Unified Communications

Take your business collaboration and productivity to the next level

Give your employees a single app for calls, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration – all as easy as they have in their personal apps. We offer a unified communication experience that works on desktop, tablet or mobile. You can access your contact list, make a voice call, send messages, start a video session or schedule a remote meeting in one intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Voice Calls
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile
  • Messages
  • Remote Meetings
  • Desktop


Learn about some benefits of the Unified Communications solution


Voice remains a critical part of communications. With mobile access, messaging support, integrated meeting and team collaboration, your team, partner and customer communication will be more efficient.


Collaboration lets you create virtual rooms where people and content come together, across the organization or around the world. Collaborate through voice, video and group chat, documents and integrated task management.


Enhance your business relationships by bringing the experience of a personal meeting with high quality audio and video, web collaboration to your team, customers and partners on any device, anywhere.


Gain peace of mind knowing you’ll always be up to date with a Unified Communications as Service (UCaaS) solution that lets you communicate and collaborate on demand. On-premise solutions, private, public or hybrid.

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Unified Communication